There are lots of different kinds of trucks that we use today – from four to even 18-wheeler ones. Many industries and business would fail without them. They use to deliver goods, to carry large shipments, to carry and transport hazardous chemicals, to do construction, and more. Given that they are commonly large and specialised ones, purchasing a new truck can be too expensive; one reason why some companies choose to buy second hand ones available in the market.

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Just like cars, they are sometimes overused. They get tired. They age. And they deteriorate over time. And despite those, some owners still choose to use and keep them; most probably because of the big cost that awaits them after letting it go. Using and keeping old trucks pose some threats to you and your business and you might have to consider getting cash for scrap trucks soon.

Total Car Collection, one of the best car wreckers and truck wreckers Melbourne, is here to enlighten you with some problems that you could be dealing with should you decide to prolong keeping that beat-up truck.


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Sending off an old truck (especially those with pending repairs and broken components) is just too risky. It has bigger chances of causing collisions with other vehicles and even pedestrians on the road. In the same way, let’s say your business has a broken-down truck that is just parked on the side of the road. Apart from the fact that it can start some heavy traffic, it still can cause some road accidents, being it a very big vehicle that blocks a part of a common thoroughfare.


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Because some business owners choose to ignore the fact that their trucks are already tired and overused, they increase the chances of experiencing problems in their trade. While most old trucks break down in the middle of the road or at times meet road accidents, deliveries and shipments get delayed. Construction work isn’t done and completed on time. Operations are discontinued. You wouldn’t want to experience any of this, as they most probably will cause one headache to another, like a domino effect. Instead of being of help to your business, it can make you fail.


By still choosing to send your driver and your crew using that old rusty clunker, you are also putting their lives at risk. According to statistics, most truck drivers are victims, if not suspects, of fatal occupational hazards that happen on the road. Of course, no business owner would want any serious physical nor fatal injury on his hands.


A running old clunker on the road causes even more air pollution than any other vehicle. That old truck emits a bigger amount of carbon monoxide and other toxic substances. And aside from letting people inhale polluted air, you also contribute to airborne pathogens, global warming, and more. In the same way, even if you choose to just let your wrecked truck rot in some empty lot, garage, or warehouse, it still causes contamination to the air, soil, and even water systems. Even the scrap metal parts that your wrecked truck has aren’t biodegradable, so it’s harmful to keep it around and not to dispose it in an eco-friendly way.

Given all these things that you could experience by continuing to keep that old truck, we truly hope that you choose a company or organisation who buys trucks and recycles them by using eco-friendly techniques.

Total Car Collections is one of the leading companies in the country that pays top cash for trucks Melbourne. Should you decide to choose our services, we will have your run-down truck removed in no time, free of charge!
Call us now at 457 471 397. Our friendly and efficient staff are waiting to assist with your truck removal and car removal needs.



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