Automobiles – let alone trucks – are indeed very useful inventions. They are considered as workhorses in today’s world. Without them, businesses may fail; industries may fall; and even economies will struggle and be in worst conditions. All could happen like a domino effect.

truck wreckers
The importance and the huge benefits of trucks might make it difficult for you to let that old truck go. Sure it is a very big business decision to make – to actually sell your truck and immediately buy a new one. But little do you realise that as you take time in deciding whether or not to let go of your truck, you are actually posing a threat or harbouring a liability in your business.

As one of the reputable companies in the truck wreckers and truck removal Melbourne industry, we are here to help you learn about the things you often fail to see whenever selling off your truck comes to mind.

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These are some obvious things and scenarios you encounter that should should compel you to sell your old truck. But because you see that it’s still (somehow) working, you always end up shrugging it off:

  • When you see a person asking for help at the side of the road, it is most likely that they’re driving an old vehicle, right? Well, your truck is just the same. It breaks down almost every time.
  • Because you choose to keep it, you are kind of used to spending on repairs and upkeeps. It doesn’t actually mind you at all because after having it fixed, it runs again.
  • It has caused you numerous delayed deliveries or unfinished projects. Sure it does give you headaches, but you seem to just bounce back whenever that happens.
  • You know that you are putting your driver and other crew members at risk every time you send them off on that old truck. But nothing serious has really ever happened, so there’s no need to be alarmed.

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Needless to say, the aforementioned items don’t really have to be neglected. But in addition to those, there are the things that you might need to know about keeping an old and damaged truck:

Even if your business has enough funds to have your truck fixed every time it breaks down, little do you realise that as the months and years pass, it will be a lot harder to find and get spare parts.

Keeping and using that old truck will make it a heavier liability on your business in the long run. Apart from its continuously increasing fuel consumption, you’d have to deal with more and more unnecessary expenses – which of course, your business would be better without.

Considering that it is a larger vehicle, a heavier chunk of metal and steel, the longer you choose to keep it, the harder it will be to get rid of it. You will slowly lose your chances of finding someone who would actually want to buy it in the future.

Even if it’s always broken, as long as it still has some good parts, it still has some reasonable value. Instead of making more expenses, your business could actually earn from selling that truck. Of course, the sooner, the better.

Selling off an old truck shouldn’t be as devastating. After hearing all these, you’ll find more reasons to sell your old tuck and you’ll get more excited to finalise its sale. Rapid Car Removal, one of the leading truck buyers and truck wreckers Melbourne, is here to help you and your business. We even pay good cash for trucks and cash for scrap trucks Melbourne.

You may visit our website or call us at 0438 942 754. We will gladly assist you with your truck removal and selling needs.



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