While we know that all kinds of fully-functional cars badly affect mother nature in one way or another, junk cars are certainly aren’t exceptions. The idle junk car is much worse. Their lack of mobility doesn’t mean that they aren’t harmful. Even if they just sit on an empty lot or carport, they also pose a threat to our health and the environment.

Sad to say, if you are an owner of a vehicle that is really old (about 15 years and up), damaged, or totally wrecked, you are indeed a contributor to harming our precious mother earth; including yourself, your family, and all the people in your neighborhood.

As a reputable and responsible junk car removal company, Total Car Collections, is here to give you an overview of how keeping an old vehicle poses a negative impact on our environment. Here are the things that happen when we choose not to let go of our junk cars:

  • Ozone Layer Depletion

We all know that all kinds of vehicles produce carbon monoxide and other gases that contribute to air pollution. Well, there are some people who still use and drive their old model cars up until they really give up and die. These old vehicles’ engines emit a higher volume of carbon monoxide and other CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) that destroy our ozone layer.

  • Climate Change

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Junk cars also have an adverse effect on our weather. CFCs and other greenhouse gases produced by beat-up cars contribute to global warming and extreme weather conditions. So if you have heard the news or know some people who have experienced extreme flooding or severe drought, know that your car that has been rotting away in your yard for a very long time has a contribution to it.

  • Water Contamination

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Aging and rotting vehicles that are stationary also cause pollution. The unused gasoline, diesel fuel, engine oil, and the like, contain petroleum hydrocarbons which are known carcinogens. They leak from their containers, get absorbed by the soil, and eventually seeps into our water systems. They are also moved along by rain or storm waters, leading them to surface waters. And as you know, ingesting contaminated waters is detrimental to our health.

  • Destroying ecosystems and harming wildlife

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Fluids from car batteries, coolants, brakes, and transmission contain toxic acids. They negatively affect the chemistry of the earth’s soil. It badly hurts the ecosystem. Once the soil is contaminated, the insects, microorganisms, and even the plants also get contaminated. Eventually, animal and human lives are also harmed. It will be an endless cycle.

  • Solid Waste Pollutants

Scrap car and truck parts are not biodegradable. So unless they are properly disposed and recycled by expert car and truck wreckers, they will rot and continuously release harmful pollutants. Different car parts generate hazardous wastes just like: rubber tyres, asbestos from clutches and brakes, lead from old batteries, mercury from head lamps, sodium azide from airbags, and more.

All these are but simple explanations of how junk cars negatively impact our health and the environment. As one of the country’s best car wreckers Melbourne, we hope that by learning all these, it serves as a wake-up call to finally let go of your old and junk vehicles. One of our goals as car buyers and wreckers is to further prevent the negative impact of junk cars. So let’s help one another, call us at 457 471 397 to inquire more about our cash for cars services.


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