DIY Equipment to Car Dismantling

You have finally decided to make some cash out of your car that has been sitting and rotting away in your garage or carport for so long. You have come to realise that selling some parts and components individually before getting help from car removal Melbourne specialists and car recyclers could actually increase your chances of getting more income.

Well, this process won’t be easy. Sure you could ask Google or check out YouTube on how to properly take apart that junk car of yours, but it does involve more time and effort than you think. Also, you’ve got to have a good understanding of automobiles in order for you not to destroy other components of your car while actually dismantling it.

Car Wreckers Melbourne

When it comes to DIY car dismantling, having the proper tools and equipment is a must in order to effectively do it and of course, to finish on time.

So to have the car’s exteriors parted and its interiors gutted, here are some of the important tools you will need:

  • Car Jacks / Stackers – this one is the very tool you’ll have to use to start the whole process. Lifting and mounting your car properly will help you dismantle the parts a lot easier; allowing you more room to move around as you take out big or small parts.

Car removal melbourne


  • Powertool for nuts and bolts – as replacement for the wrench and screwdriver set, this power tool will help you remove the screws, nuts, and bolts without having to exert too much effort. It’s a lot easier to remove the exterior parts like doors, bumpers, side skirts and fenders, which are secured by super tight screws.

Powertool for nuts and bolts


  • Multi-purpose Cutters – this tool is very handy especially if you’re dealing with a very old and rusty car. Eventually, you’d have to cut jammed brackets, stubborn bolts, and sometimes even electrical wires. You also have to cut thick and big parts made from metal and steel, like exhaust pipes.

Multi-purpose Cutters



  • Fluid & Refrigerant Removers – because you are dealing with old and junk cars, removing fluids and refrigerants that contain toxic chemicals is very important. You don’t want to be in contact with these fluids if they accidentally spill or leak. If you are unsure and uncomfortable about doing this, you may ask a professional to do that for you.

Fluid & Refrigerant Removers


  • Engine Hoists/Pulling Frames – the engine is the heaviest part you’ve have to deal with when you tearing a junk car apart. You will need this particular specialised equipment to safely and properly remove the engine. Apart from that, this can also be used to take transmissions and other heavy auto parts.

Engine Hoists/Pulling Frames


  • Clamps & Clip Tools – because you only have two hands, clamps are used to effectively hold out some tubes, hoses, and wires while you are taking some parts (like in the engine). In the same way, you could easily remove car interior parts by using a panel clip. Interior parts could actually sell for more money than you think. So you may want to cover the clip with an electrical tape so that you won’t leave a scratch or mark on the interior parts you’d want to sell in good condition.

Clamps & Clip Tools


  • Catalytic Converter Cutter – the catalytic converter is one of the most valuable parts of an automobile. Your trusty car recyclers could attest to that. So if you want to make good money from selling it, you’d have to safely and efficiently remove it without having to destroy the actual converter or the other parts that surround it.

Catalytic Converter Cutter

Dismantling a car sure is labour-intensive, time-consuming, and even costly. But after the whole experience, you surely have gained some knowledge about automobiles that is very precious. Something that not everyone knows about. And should it come to a point where you’ll have to buy and invest on these gadgets?

Don’t worry too much as they will eventually pay for themselves when you get to sell all the car parts and of course, the junk car already.

In case you decide to sell off your old vehicle, transact with us. We, Rapid Car Removal, are one of the best car wreckers in Melbourne who pay top cash for cars – properly dismantled or not. So call us now at 0438 942 754 to schedule your junk car’s pickup.


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