Easy Guide to Spot Car Problems

Cars are mechanical; thus, they have to be regularly maintained well in order for them to run smoothly for a long period of time. Whether your car is a sedan, SUV, ute, or compact car, the need for maintenance and fixing are generally the same.
Well, car enthusiasts and experts surely know how to detect and fix car problems right away. But how about if is it’s your first time to have a car of your own? What if you’re just a mere car owner/user who have absolutely no skills nor the interest in doing repairs? Would you just wait for your car to break down on you to have it fixed by a professional?

To avoid further damage to your baby and to save yourself from mechanics that can rip you off with unnecessary repairs, you must know when your car is telling you that something is wrong. We understand that troubleshooting can be at first overwhelming; and so Rapid Car Removal – one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers – is here to teach you the basics of detecting signs of trouble with your car. You don’t have to be an expert to do all these; all you need are your intuition, basic senses, and a deep concern for your vehicle.

  • Do sight checks.

Car wreckers

Even if you’re that type of person who knows little to nothing about car parts, checking these basic red flags would be a piece of cake. Look at your dashboard lights. They will light up if there’s something wrong with your battery, temperature, oil, and more. You could also check your tyres; see if they have the correct PSI or if the tyre treads are still in good condition. Also, see if there are oil or fluid puddles underneath your car, they are signs that your oil container, fuel tank, or engine has leaks. Lastly, see if your car emits too much smoke from your tailpipes. A healthy-running car should emit clear to no smoke.

  • Be sure you have no difficulty in starting your engine.

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When you start your car and it makes a clicking sound, and doesn’t start at all, there might be a problem. In the same way, there is also something wrong when your motor cranks up, but doesn’t actually start like it normally does. The most possible culprit here is your battery; you might need to replace it already. However, if you’re confident that your battery is still far from its due date, then possible problems are with your spark plugs, ignition system, or fuel.

  • Keep your ears open.

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A smooth-running car shouldn’t be making unusual sounds or noises. If you hear a creaking or squeaking sound, chances are there are problems with your suspension system, shock absorbers, and ball joints. Should there be some prolonged squealing, your timing belts, steering belts, and even brake pads might be the culprit. When there are banging or popping sounds, there could be engine backfires, worn-out spark plugs, and faulty ignition timing. And though this might be harder to hear, if there are some gurgling sounds, it means that air is mixing with some of the fluids in your car – caused by problems in cooling systems, head gaskets, and radiators.

  • Feel your car.

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It is very important that the driver is always attentive and vigilant while driving. Apart from being cautious about external elements, he/she should also have an instinctive feel while driving. Keeping your hands on the steering wheel and feet on the pedals is key to noticing unusual movements. If your car shakes or vibrates out of the ordinary, it’s a sign that your tyres or engine timing need some attention. When you feel that the car is pulling or leaning towards a different direction, you might probably want to check the wheels, shocks, or steering system. It also helps to feel the air from your H/AC vents; if the air is not cool enough or if it blows less air than usual, then have your air conditioning system checked.

  • Follow your sense of smell.

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Unpleasant car smells are definite signs of problems in your vehicle. So it is very important that you keep yourself alert to these kinds of smells: The odour of sulfur (which is similar to the smell of rotten eggs) signals the need for a battery or catalytic converter replacement. If you smell smoke from something that’s burning, stop driving and call a mechanic immediately. This could be a serious engine problem. Detecting burnt wood or rubber smells are signs of excessive friction – your brake pads and clutch might need fixing or replacement. Smelling mold and mildew odours coming from your carbon air filters signal that there are issues with your H/AC system.

Remember that whenever your senses or intuition tell you that there’s something wrong with your car, have them checked and fixed right away. The sooner you detect car problems, the better you’ll be able to address them and avoid worse headaches in the future.

However, if you reckon your car’s issues are too grave or too costly be fixed, let Rapid Car Removal help you. We are one of the country’s leading car removal companies that pay top cash for cars Melbourne regardless of your car’s condition. We are the car buyers you can trust with all your car wrecking and truck wrecking needs. We even have a wide inventory of spare car parts that you may need to fix or upgrade your ride. Enquire and call us now at 0438 942 754. Our reliable and friendly staff are waiting to be of assistance.


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