Unlike the old times, today’s cars are more complex. They are now intricately computerized machines; and so repairing and maintaining it by yourself can actually take a bit more than it should. Well you can be a car enthusiast who loves doing DIY repair projects. But you have to admit, there are just some cases wherein Google, Wikihow, or YouTube won’t cut it anymore. When car problems arise and you lack the time, expertise, and equipment, getting help from a professional is our go-to. So whether you have a compact, luxury, vintage, sports, or family car, finding a good car mechanic is just necessary.

A car mechanic can be your best friend or worst enemy. He can help you keep your baby running for a longer period of time and maximise its resale value or he can make your problems even worse. He can either save you money or make you spend more. So how do you find someone you can entrust your precious car to? How do you know he’s THE ONE?

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To help you with that, we have listed the top characteristics that make a great mechanic:

He is knowledgeable.

He should have a complete familiarity of the car parts; regardless of the type, brand, and year model. How will you figure that out? Well the best way to determine whether or not he is really knowledgeable, is by asking him to make clear distinctions of a few parts of your car. (The ones that you also know about.) See if he’s assertively making correct answers, or he’s been beating around the bush and trying to change the topic. If it’s the latter, it is a sign that it’s best to take your car back as your problem might just get worse.

He has certification/s in the automobile industry.

We tend overlook this part because the mechanic was already referred to you by a friend or relative, but that shouldn’t always be the case. What works for someone doesn’t mean it’ll work for you as well. It can be true that when a professional is certified or recognized by some industry, chances are you’d be paying more. But don’t you think that it is worth paying extra if it means your car gets the best treatment?Car certifications like the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) are proof that your mechanic takes pride in fulfilling continued education. It means that he has integrated skills and he is updated with the latest tools, techniques, and standards in car maintenance. Being certified and licensed to do auto HVAC and electronic repairs is also a plus.

He has keen problem-solving and diagnostic skills.

For people who have little to no knowledge about cars, looking for this quality is but of dire importance. Most of the time, when your car isn’t working properly, the kind of repair your car actually needs won’t immediately be evident. Thus, your car mechanic must be able to quickly identify the source of the problem. He should have complete and updated tools to efficiently find the cause and know exactly what it takes to solve them.  Should he hesitate and take too much time looking for what’s wrong with your car, then he most probably he isn’t the one you need.

He is communicative and customer-service oriented.

Your car mechanic must be someone you can easily talk with. Should he be someone whom friend has recommended, then that just means they are confident of what this pro can do for you. It also shows that he makes effort in taking care of his customers. Moreover, he should be able to clearly and specifically tell you the potential issues of your car. He must be able to translate complex jargons and help you understand everything there is you need to know about the condition of your car.

He is truly concerned about you and your car.

Honesty is essential in every profession; and this is no exception. You should find someone who is deeply committed to helping you. He must have a strong work ethic. He understands perfectly that doing car repairs and upkeep is costly; and so his goal is to fix your current problem, not to give you additional ones. Stay away from those who aim to rip-off their customers by adding more repairs and services instead of just tackling exactly what your car needs. If your mechanic is really concerned about you, he must be obvious in helping you save money. Also, he is courageous and honest enough to tell you once he couldn’t fix your car anymore. He doesn’t want to take that risk of making your car even worse. And he wouldn’t think twice of recommending a better professional who has more chances of helping you out.

ADD: He must have a good memory.

We call this a plus-one on the list because this trait is something you can’t really tell just by going for his services once. Auto mechanics work on lots of different cars and deals with different kinds of clients every single day. So if your mechanic doesn’t remember who you are and isn’t familiar with your car’s history, there’s a great chance that he won’t be able to do well in fixing your car today and for other days to come. Just like in a doctor-patient relationship, he should know everything about your baby – inside and out. He’s a keeper if he shows that he values long-term client relationships.


So whether you’re the type of car owner who solely depends on a professional for your car maintenance or you’re the one who occasionally needs one, looking for all these qualities can definitely be of great help. Prioritizing these can save you more time, money, and effort in the long run. Remember, your ultimate goal is to find a car mechanic whom you know has got your back for years and years to come.

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