The Benefits of Selling your Wrecked Cars to Car Recyclers

Whether your wrecked cars have been crashed from collision, deteriorating, or are just simply not drivable anymore, the wisest thing to do is to let go of it as soon as possible. Keeping these cars in your premises simply won’t do any good to you or your family.

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Now that you have decided to finally let go of your car, the question is, What’s the best option for me? That is where we, at Total Car Collections, come in. We are committed to helping you dispose of your wrecked cars in the most convenient way possible.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose to sell those to a car recycler like us:

Earn instead of Spend

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Keeping an old car in your care only means you’d get to incur more repairs and maintenance costs. Instead of stretching your budget further, get additional income by selling it to us. We, at Total Car Collections, strive to provide you with the best deals. We are more than willing to take your old sedans, SUVs, 4WDs, commercial cars, vans, and more. Help the economy, avoid additional costs, and earn funds to get yourself a new car!

For your Convenience and Security

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Should you decide to sell your car, would you prefer to exert more effort on advertising and waiting for potential buyers? Or would you rather do it the more convenient way? Well, the latter obviously is more viable. Trusted car wreckers and recyclers like us are here to remove and buy your cars while you sit back and relax. Total Car Collections guarantee you a hassle-free and worry-free transaction- from the valuation of your car up to receiving your cash. By choosing us, you won’t risk yourself dealing with bogus and stingy clients. You get additional garage space, additional income, and peace of mind, in no time.

Contribute to Caring for the Environment

Getting an old and inefficient car off the road will mean less chances of road hazards and less pollution. In the same way, keeping a scrap car in your premises makes you and your family family exposed to harmful materials and substances like rust, mold, or toxic lead. By trusting car recycling experts like us, you do not only keep your family safe, but you get to help protect the environment as well.

Most accidents and collisions don’t destroy each of the car’s parts; thus, car recyclers help you put those undamaged parts to good use. We even ensure proper disposal of used oil and gasoline. Making new steel car parts largely contributes to what we call Greenhouse Gases, harming the Earth’s atmosphere. Thus, recycling steel lessens and prevents the manufacture of new ones. In effect, there is a lesser need to use more iron ores and fossil fuels for new car parts.


Deciding to sell your cars to car recyclers is one thing, but choosing the right car removal company to trust is the more important thing to consider. By choosing us, you will surely reap the benefits of selling your wrecked cars. It will benefit you, your family, the community, the economy, and the environment. Take that first step and request for a no-obligation quote from Total Car Collections now. We are among Melbourne’s best sedan, truck, and 4WD wreckers to date.


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