When Is It Time to Let Go of Your Old Car?

A car can be of many things to us. It’s primarily a necessity, but it can also be a self-reward, remembrance, status symbol, or even a collector’s item. But we all have to admit that like all things, this won’t last. As much as we want to deny it, there will come a time when you simply have to let your car go.

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Getting rid of your old car has most probably popped into your mind for at least once. And be honest, you have been shrugging it off whenever that happens. So let us help you out of that dilemma.

You know that now is THE time, when all these 4 happen to you:

It stresses you out.

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There are just too many times when you had to go out or get to work, but you ended up commuting or hitching because your car broke down. Before, you enjoy spending time on DIY repair projects and car upgrades. But now, you’re just tired of doing it almost daily. You often spend time in the garage fixing your car more than riding in it. Googling and watching YouTube video clips on how to fix parts of your car doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. So more often than not, you’d have to get help from your trusty mechanic. It was once your toy or trophy, now it is more of a chore.

It clutters your garage.

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Not all many can appreciate old cars; and so you’d have to admit, your car isn’t that roadworthy anymore. That even if you really wanted to, there are just a lot of times when you simply can’t use it like before. Apart from taking up much garage space, keeping an old car in your home keeps your family closer to hazardous materials. It’s all rusted out and may be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Not to mention the toxic lead from old batteries and used oil, mold in your car seats, and so on.

It no longer serves its purpose.

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It is not that convenient anymore. Most of the time it’s broken—you can’t get to work or bring your kids to school on time. You are bothered whenever your family (or even anyone) rides with you in it because it might suddenly break down (again). The heating or AC doesn’t work properly. You think there are more chances of getting in an accident; considering that your car doesn’t have the cool safety features other modern cars have.

It’s costing you more and more.

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Your car isn’t cost-efficient anymore. Apart from the time and effort, you allot more money on maintenance and improvement expenses. It consumes more fuel. You pay more for the insurance. You often pay for towing and auto mechanic service fees. You are having a hard time in getting original parts. And after doing some research and computations, your car’s current market value is way less than what you spend (and what you will still be spending in the future) on maintenance costs.


It is wiser to let go of an emotional attachment rather than sacrificing your family’s convenience and safety. And better to give up your status symbol or a part of your car collection to get some peace of mind. Instead of keeping junk with sentimental value, gain and make new memories with your loved ones.

After all these, you’ll know that letting your car go makes absolute sense. Whether you’d decide to sell your vehicle, donate it, or have it removed, you won’t have any regrets. You’ve spent enough time and made enough memories with your old baby. Now bask in the enjoyment of scouting for a new and better automobile.

And if you’re in need of car removal and car wrecking service in Melbourne, contact us today. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.



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