Car Paint Maintenance Tips

Climate and changing weather make it difficult to maintain our car’s paint. It gets harder and harder to make our cars as shiny as they used to be as time pass by. Hot summer, cold winter and even prolonged exposure to the heat of the sun can damage a car’s paint permanently so it’s important that we know simple ways on how we can prevent it from deteriorating.

Why Should I Maintain My Car’s Paint?

Car Paint Tips

There are plenty of reasons why you should. After all, who wouldn’t like riding a car that’s not only shiny on the outside, but also free from rust on the inside? Neglected chips on car’s paint can cause corrosion so we must to do maintenance check on our vehicles to avoid more serious problems. Another reason why you should maintain your car’s paint is, you can get more money for a well-maintained car if ever you decide to sell it. (hyperlink to sell-your-car page)

How Do I Maintain My Car’s Paint?

Car Paint Maintenance Tips

The tips we have outlined below will specifically tell you how you can keep your car’s exterior looking shiny, clean and well-maintained.

Wash your car often

Washing your car regularly with soap and water will ensure that you wipe bird droppings, dead bugs and road salt off your car. Remember not to spray your car using powerful jet hoses at close proximity because doing so may remove your car’s paint or cause it to peel. If you can, use only soaps that are made for car washing.

Rust proof your vehicle

Car Paint Maintenance Tips

The best way to protect important components of your car from corrosion is investing on rustproofing. Cars are prone to corrosion so all of the simple things you can do to prevent it will count, especially if you are someone who lives near the ocean where the air is naturally salty. You can also do add auto paint protection film kits to your car by yourself or you can head to an auto-body store to get it done.

Wax your car

You can protect your car’s paint by applying wax once or twice a year. Waxing your car will protect it against scratches and you can easily remove dirt if the car has been waxed. A good-quality car wax will be able to last on the car for several months and a bottle of it costs around $25 to $40.

Don’t Forget to Dry

Car Paint Maintenance Tips

You must dry your car thoroughly using a cotton rag or chamois to protect its paint. Air drying can cause spots and unevenness in the finish so it must be avoided at all times. Use only soft, high quality cotton rags that don’t leave fibres all over your car. If you use coarser fabric, there’s a risk that you will scratch the paint off your car.


Make your car shiny and looking new by following these steps brought to you by Melbourne’s leading car buyer. It only takes a few hours a week to wash your car and inspect its exterior but the long term benefit of doing so will save you money and will enable you to get maximum re-sale value once you decide to sell your vehicle.

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